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Nigel Phillips

Nigel has over 12 years agency experience and has been training the best agents in the UK and abroad with Reapit for nearly a decade

Stuart Clarke OND, COLF

Stuart previously worked within a fast-paced estate agency for ten years and since joining Reapit in 2010 has successfully trained our clients throughout the UK and abroad.


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Radcliffe House, 5th Floor, Blenheim Court, Solihull, B91 2AA 

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Feedback from attendees

Learn how successful Reapit clients use our award-winning software to manage and run high-performing sales or lettings businesses

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All estate agencies share a common goal: to establish themselves in the local market place as the obvious choice for home owners to sell or let their properties.

Building and running a professional, successful sales or lettings business is a worthwhile challenge.  Learning the software that sits at its heart is obviously an essential part of the process.

Managers need more than this. An understanding of best practice and how to drive it is also vital. The Branch Management Masterclasses combine hands-on access to the software with suggestions and advice from some of the best players in the industry.

'The class was a really innovative way of training by stealth!  A very wide-ranging class that prompted discussion and most importantly thought.  Excellent format, only downside was the length - it needed to be longer!'

'I found it a logical and insightful.  The delivery was excellent and made you want to hide away and create the reports to help the shape of your business.'

'A couple of points you made in the presentation really resonated with me, made me think again about my own management style and also how I am being managed.  It gave me the self-belief to ask for and achieve a promotion and significant pay increase!  Thank you very much.'

'It is rare that I find a course as useful or entertaining as this was - many of the practical tips have already been rolled out.  There is a real lack of quality training generally but this course was a cracker!'

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67-74 Saffron Hill 

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Masterclasses are offered free-of-charge to any sales or lettings branch/department manager who is a registered user of our software.

Delegates will have access to their own live data during the sessions. If this is not possible, training data will be provided.

Session 2 of the Masterclass builds on content covered in the previous session. It is strongly recommended that the sessions are attended in sequence.

To attend for free, you must either be in a branch management position (i.e. manage a team), or are due to move into a management role in the near future. If you are unsure and would like to discuss this further, please contact us.


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Aimed specifically at sales managers, this three-hour Masterclass explains the process of management by objectives and how it can be used to drive a successful business, using RPS best practice and reporting tools.

Learn how RPS can make you a more successful manager

Enjoy in-depth Power Report training on your own RPS data

Share branch management tips with leading players

Session 1 - Management by Objectives


Setting Business Objectives

Building Power Reports

Benchmarking your Business

Conquering Applicant Management

Prospecting for Instructions

Management, Leadership and Authority

Successful Daily Morning Meetings

Managing Data Quality

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This Masterclass takes the topics discussed in the first session and focuses in detail on RPS sales reporting functionality.  Learn how to use our software as a business management tool to run a high-performing branch.

Understand the RPS Management Information analysis reports

Develop your power reporting skills with advanced tips and tricks

Learn how to customise your own power organiser

Discover untapped potential within your data

Session 2 - Product and Process

Data Accuracy MI Report

Advanced Applicant Management

Customising the Power Organiser

Advanced Power Reports Tips

Generating More Deals - a Missed Trick

Applicant Analysis MI Report

Market Appraisal MI Report

Withdrawals Analysis MI Report


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This Masterclass is solely for Lettings management staff and focuses heavily on RPS Lettings reporting functionality, together with hints and tips on how to run a successful and proactive Lettings business.

Overview of Power Reporting to enable you to understand your data better

Full Overview of Lettings Daily Report – the most useful RPS report available for Lettings Managers

Prospecting ideas to engage your team and grow your market share

Learn how Morning Meetings can be held through RPS to invigorate your teams


Customising the Power Organiser

Advanced Power Report Tips

Grow your Market Share through Prospecting

Lettings Daily Report Overview

Successful Daily Morning Meetings


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