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Reviewing hundreds of data points in our software, we were able to drill down into the habits that the most successful agencies practice without fail. Here are the 8 essential habits that these agencies have in common:

Is your CRM software helping everyone in the company to implement and stick to revenue-growing, success-breeding habits?

They automate their admin


Successful agencies know that what gets automated, gets done. These agencies can be found continuously reviewing their processes to see where they might save time and effort and will go to great lengths to reduce as many touchpoints with repetitive admin tasks as they possibly can. People are great at making decisions, finding solutions, and building relationships – but not always so great at remembering everything they should – automation takes care of the latter, whilst freeing up time for staff to do what they do best.


For these agencies, rules are not made to be broken. In fact, they seem to go the extra mile to make sure they are compliant to the hilt. Why? Because they know that one illegal transaction can ruin a lifetime of hard work, that customers seek out agencies with reliable reputations and that there is no time to play compliancy catch-up when the market is moving at speed.


Set up automated taskplans for when a prospect, client or applicant reaches a milestone that you've pre-set; you'll be notified with a tailored email template attached, ready to send.

How Reapit can make this habit stick

Make it a habit

An SMS and multiple notifications are sent out to applicants and negotiators when a viewing is booked.

Intelligent matching scans your database to match applicants with properties meeting their ideal specifications.

How Reapit can make this habit stick

Built-in compliance protection automations run hourly background checks, securitised access, enforced reconciliations before payment, overdraft caps on unavailable funds, and diagnostics.

Automated daily reconciliation of ledgers, statements and cashbooks, as well as automated chasing of tenant arrears keep accounts in order.

Comprehensive reporting for client accounts and monies held includes detailed breakdowns of tax, general reporting and landlord annual income.

Make it a habit

They prioritise compliance


They review and react on a daily basis


Top agencies prioritise daily performance reviews because they understand that reaching target is not about one big course adjustment when it may be too late or too difficult, but about daily, seemingly small course corrections. They proactively address potential issues as and when they appear as a direct result of being deeply engaged with their performance stats.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

Keep on top of your daily business with powerful reporting tools and business-critical management dashboards.

Instantly generate and customise real-time Power Reports on sales KPIs, pipeline results and compliance, to website and portal analytics, all in one place.

Set up your very own Business Intelligence dashboard to have all your metrics in one single, streamlined view.

Make it a habit

A dashboard can be set up to display detailed performance breakdowns on an individual level.

They are persistent marketers


Every great marketer knows that being top of mind is the only place to be, which is why successful agencies make marketing a daily priority, whether it’s sending out a congratulatory email to an old client or finding new opportunities.  Because if they are not saying hello to the customer, someone else is.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

Prospect intelligently by identifying leads via search portals and then use the Website Importer tool to automatically import listings with property details pre-populated.

Maximise your ROI by matching properties to your applicant database, or vice versa, based on property attributes and applicant requirements.

Automated intelligent matching identifies hot applicants down to postcode level, with heat maps, so you can market new instructions to them.

Make it a habit

Use customisable letter templates to send bulk emails and generate viewings.

Manage and track your marketing and advertising campaigns like a pro with integration to Electronic Direct Mail (EDM).

They are fierce guardians of their time


Jim Rohn famously said that “Time management is the secret of the rich”, and successful agencies know and practice this by default. You will never find them doing anything that software can do faster and better, which unsurprisingly also tend to make them early adopters of tech solutions that will speed up processes and enhance accuracy – because mistakes are costly time wasters. In these teams, every decision is weighed against a time cost, to ensure they maximise and capitalise on each and every second of their working day.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

Boost your customer service with built-in automated time-saving features like Applicant Matching.

A single contact record is automatically created after a booking and retained across your database to streamline communication and reduce data duplication.

Each booking is stored as an internet registration and automatically queued on negotiators’ dashboards ready to access immediately.

Make it a habit

The Website Importer tool automatically imports listings with property details pre-populated so you can spring into action immediately.

Find new ways to meet your requirements in record time with solution-specific Apps on the Reapit Marketplace that you can download and deploy in minutes.


They make business very personal


Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer – and successful agencies have long since known that. So, they take great care of the customers they do have, extending the personal touch whenever they can and in whichever way that will set them apart from the run of the mill agency experience. In the long run, this habit builds the agency’s brand and reputation.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

Nurture relationships intelligentially with automated communication templates that keep you front-of-mind for your clients with curated and valuable information.

Set and view contact reminders in a personal Diary to always follow up with clients.

Send out emails on key milestones like move-in anniversaries, mortgage renewals and more to keep your agency front-of-mind for when they’re ready to sell again.

Make it a habit

One contact record that ensures you always have your customer’s data in front of you when you call them, or they call you.

They enter prepared


It’s been said that successful people get up three hours earlier than the average person, spending that time to plan their day and getting key tasks done so that by the time everyone else kicks in, they’re already miles ahead. Successful agencies follow the same principle by having systems and processes in place that help their teams to start each day with a crystal-clear understanding of what needs to be done, followed up on, reviewed, or attended.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

The Power Organiser is a personal display of the information that is most important for you.

Create customised dashboards on the Power Organiser to view actions, tasks, appointments, live feeds of new listings and applicants, and live data reports.

Your Diary in the Power Organiser will line up all your daily requirements and meetings so you can jump straight into action.

Make it a habit

They use time pockets to maximise productivity


Every day yields a few time pockets – standing in a queue, commuting to work, waiting for a client to arrive. Successful agencies equip their staff with tools and plans to make the most of their time, whether that is mobile friendly software that enable viewing of to do lists or updating of customer information on a viewing as and when it happens.


How Reapit can make this habit stick

Keep your fingers on the pulse with full, on-the-go access to your central CRM on your mobile device.

The mobile Power Organiser enables you to schedule viewings, check appointments and view reminders.

Impress your customers by running property and applicant matches on the spot to show them similar properties that have been sold and potential applicants that may be interested.

Make it a habit

We become what we repeatedly do.

Sean Covey


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