Reapit is preparing its solutions for compliance with the forthcoming changes to data protection legislation in the UK. We have already made extensive changes to our software to help our clients to process data lawfully and uphold individual rights.

Reapit has a large part to play in the lawful processing of personal data under the forthcoming changes to data protection legislation – our software acts as a central point in your estate agency through which all contact information is processed. We have already been working on how we need to adapt our solutions for the GDPR for over a year.

This is a complex topic and we have prepared an extensive guide that explains the relevant aspects of the GDPR along with details of how our software has been updated to be compliant. Complimentary copies are available on request. 

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The General Data Protection 
Regulation (GDPR)

16/05/18 - ARLA Regional Meeting - South Wales | Swansea Marriot


"’s scaremongering to suggest that we’ll be making early examples of organisations for minor infringements or that maximum fines will become the norm.”

Elizabeth Denham
Information Commissioner

There is a good deal of misinformation in the public domain about the GDPR. 
We would encourage you to only follow the advice of authoritative relation to the GDPR.

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Neil Manito is Reapit's resident guru on all things GDPR. Neil has spoken about the GDPR at a number of events and has been responsible for planning and implementing some of the most extensive changes to our software in 20 years to keep it compliant with the GDPR.

Neil recently caught up with several of our clients to talk about the practical implications of the GDPR on agency. Listen to our Podcast to hear the collective views of:

Lisa Simon, Carter Jonas
Joseph Robinson, Stirling Ackroyd
Chris Brand, Currell

Listen to the Podcast here, or visit our Soundcloud page to listen offline or download.

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